Phoenix Program in Belfast

Activate Outdoor Adventure in County Down, Northern Ireland

​Activate Outdoor Adventure provide a program that has been influenced from in Phoenix Program which is run in the USA & Canada.

Research from 2006 had shown that young people now find it more difficult to interact with people in the workplace. It also shows that university graduates struggle to develop social skills once they've left.

The phoenix program believes that making a connection with the land or reconnecting to the land is a of bringing everything in life into perspective.

The program is aimed at young people but all ages would benefit from this. Why not work on and develop yourself without judgement, prejudice or preconception.

This can be used to learn new skills, take time out & reflect on life. As well as this, be free to think without interference & increase your health & well being.

Why Develop this Program?

  • ​Provides an alternative approach to working with clients who want, need and are ready for examining the possibility of change.
  • Promotes health and well being.
  • Develops responsibility through cooperative activities.
  • Learn new skills in the outdoors.
  • Provides the opportunity for leadership training.
  • Provides an opportunity for communication skills to be developed.
  • Assists young people in their transition to adulthood

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